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Falling in love and getting married to that one love of your life happens to the lucky ones. Getting a partner who you know will always keep you happy is one if the few “wins” in life, very rarely does that happen, so it’s a good thing. Wooing the girl, making her love you enough […]

If you’re planning a wedding, sooner or later your mind will turn to your wedding stationery needs. There is an awful lot to think about, but your stationery should be high on your list of priorities as it will help you to get organised. When choosing your stationery always go for the best you can […]

While not every wedding has to cost a lot of money, the reality for many people around the world is that this is exactly what happens.  Sometimes, even the most frugal of couples find that the costs quickly add up and spiral out of any semblance of control. With that in mind, we examined several […]

When planning your wedding you are always looking for ways to enhance the excitement level at your reception. Wedding receptions have a reputation for being a bit flat. This is understandable, given that it will have been a long day for all involved, particularly the bride and groom. Certain essentials should be considered whereas some […]

  Have you hired or bought a wedding tent or marquee for your big day? If so – good call! It’s a great solution for an outdoor wedding with a bit of shelter, should the sun be too hot or the heavens open (God forbid!). It’s a great way of housing everyone, whilst making sure […]

One wedding (hopefully) and so many options! Marriages are not only hard work for the couple as they put up with the “morning breath”, sloppiness, and mood swings and various other quirky habits their spouses have. The burden of including the family, friends and relatives unknown and unheard of along with the planning of the […]

The day you get married is supposed to be the happiest one of your life.  You put a lot of preparation into it, dream about how the day will go, and then hope that everything goes without a hiccup. Of course, that is not always the case. It can be tempting to be trapped into […]

When choosing live wedding bands, there is no alternative to listening and seeing the musicians perform live onstage. These are the best means to find out the lead vocalist’s level of professional stage experience, the group’s coordination and crowd appeal, and the places or events where they usually perform. One good o;ption you can try […]

If you’re getting married then you will want your wedding day to be one that everyone remembers for a long time to come. An outdoor wedding is perfect – what better way to celebrate your union than in the middle of nature on a sunny day? The photos will be glorious and if you’re lucky […]

Wedding is probably the most beautiful thing to happen to anyone. But it’s also a breeding ground for disasters equivalent to having nightmares with your eyes open. There are so many things waiting to spiral to the brink of insanity. One such dangerous yet equally important territory is the wedding cake. We believe that after […]

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